January 2016

13 January 2016   Thank you everyone for the incredible outpouring of love and salutation for my birthday. You all made me feel very special indeed. It was only dampened by the news that we lost such a magical hero at this time, the wonderful David Bowie. I didn't even know he was sick. He was here one day and then in true Bowie style, he just vanished... But he has been always such an inspiration to me and must bow my head in respect of the void he has left. He will never be forgotten. So I offer you my version of LIFE ON MARS? as a tribute to the legend that is David Bowie... Xxx

December 2015

17 December 2015   UNITED AS ONE: Finally, I can say UNITED AS ONE is finally officially released and available for download and viewing. This has been years in the making as it has been delayed by so many processes, but the wait is no longer!! I hope you enjoy the song, the video, the making of video...I hope you can share it, spread the word, send the ecard, and make this something we can all be proud of doing. To raise money for the Philippine Red Cross is one thing, but to entice people back to see the beauty of the Philippines is another: something where EVERYONE benefits. Thank you to Freddie Santos, Louie Ocampo, Marvin Querido and all the magnificent musicians and people at ONQ Studios, and to all the LIMITLESS crew who helped make this happen. I hope this inspires another season of FIL IT UP, as Sophie Sumner and I have much more of the Philippines to discover!! Anyways, here is UNITED AS ONE. ENJOY! XXX

14 December 2015   MIDLIFE CRISIS: I had the most amazing time playing with THE MIDLIFE CRISIS band at Green Sun the other night. These group of musicians, who moonlight as professionals during the day, (from dentists to ophthalmologists) raise money to provide scholarships for disadvantaged musicians to continue their education at the University of the Philippines. This year they have no less than 17 scholars. It’s an amazing thing that they do, and they have so much fun doing it. Their spirit is contagious and it’s always a blast, but don’t let that make you think this is a gimmick band. These guys can PLAY!!!! Amazing vocals, great musicianship and wonderful human beings. Thank you Freddie Santos for getting me involved. Guests included a Tagalog singing and playing Master pastry chef from Paris...Oh what a night!!

6 December 2015   MOVING OUT: So we have just finished our wonderful little season of THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, and it’s time now to start saying goodbyes. Right now, I say goodbye to my home-away-from-home, the wonderful Oakwood Apts in Ortigas. The staff and facilities here make my stay in Manila so wonderful. Yet again, I feel like I am saying farewell to family and friends here. Thank you for being sponsors of our show, thank you for the amazing breakfasts, for kicking my butt in the gym, for the heavenly bed and pillows, the spectacular rooms and bathrooms… You make me feel like a king. I will miss you. Love you all here, and I hope to say again upon my return… #oakwoodasia #bridgesmusicalmnl #suiteasarockstar

4 December 2015   ON THE HOME STRETCH: Here we are at our last weekend of shows. It is with such an immense sense of gratitude that I have been allowed to experience the magic of this show with these magical people. Thank you to all who had faith in me, and to all who gave me more than I ever imagined in as far as support and love. We have four shows left and we will make every second count in Madison County. I wish we could keep on going, I wish we had another chance to live in this world, as from the beginning to end, from top to bottom, this has been a labour of love. And LOVE IS ALWAYS BETTER. xxx

November 2015

20 November 2015   OPENING NIGHT: This is it. Here we are. What we have been working on for the last month. Opening night! We only have a very limited season, so every show counts. Every second is sacred. Chookas to all the amazing company that is THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY. Let's cross that bridge...

14 November 2015   SITZPROBE: Yesterday the cast sang the show with the band for the first time and it was a marriage of love! This sitzprobe was a major bridge to cross. We got to hear the beautiful arrangements and it gave us one huge leap forward into our journey to opening night. This show just gets more beautiful every day, and we are in good shape. I wish we had some preview nights, but that’s not how it works here. We dive in the deep end and swim the maverick. Tech week begins tomorrow. Full steam ahead to our first show…!!!

8 November 2015   FALLING INTO YOU: We’re now at week 3 of rehearsals, and things are going at full speed. We are revising, tweaking, improving, always layering, adding, redoing, replotting, restaging, working on costumes, reworking the costumes, perfecting vocal placements, cementing emotional attachments, consoling, cajoling…and that’s even before we start the day’s work. It’s been a master-class in dedication and passion working on this piece. Not too long to go, so the pressure is on. Much less than a million miles to go...

MiG, Jo Ampil and Junji Lerma in the studio for Playbill

2 November 2015   PRESS CONFERENCE: Today we present the show to the Philippine Press at a special press conference at the Oakwood in Ortigas. We might even sing a song for them all...

Jo Ampil, MiG, Jorelle Balitbit and Ceejay Javier get ready to meet the press

October 2015

26 October 2015   TONIGHT WITH BOY ABUNDA: Just about to go on set with Boy Abunda. He's a big deal here in the Philippines. A true legend. Excited and a little nervous... Ikaw na, Tito Boy. Look out for it as it airs on ABS-CBN on 3 November.

21 October 2015   A MILLION MILES TO GO: Monday we started rehearsals in Manila for THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, and sang through the whole show! Sitting beside Joanna Ampil, I must admit I felt very shy and self conscious opposite her beautiful talented gifts. I am in awe of my leading lady. I only wish to compliment her in the best way I can. I am very honoured to be given this opportunity to play opposite such a legend. Having said that, our cast is RIDICULOUS!!! Their talent and dedication and awesomeness had me in goosebumps all day. There is no weak link here. I feel so proud to be a part of this amazing production. Day 4 is tomorrow. If the past days are anything to go by, look out!! Xxx

July 2015

23 July 2015   THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY: So I can finally talk about the upcoming production of THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY in November, starring opposite the incredible Joanna Ampil, for ATEG. It will be the first time this piece will be performed in Asia, let alone the Philippines. I have been listening to this piece by the original Broadway cast for months now, and I have fallen in love with it. Jason Robert Brown, has yet again written a timeless classic, which deservedly won him the Tony Award. It will be quite a departure from what I have done in a very long time, but I relish the challenge to show another side of me. There are so many things that excite me about this production, I do not know where to begin, but to be working under the direction of Bobby Garcia, and with the Atlantis Group will be like working with legends and family. If you’re in Manila in November to early December, I hope you get a chance to check it out. You may fall in love with it as much as I have.

8 July 2015   THE X-YEARS: Ten years ago, on 5 July, 2005, I walked into a mansion on the hills of Los Angeles, with fourteen other hopefuls to compete against each other to become the new lead singer of Aussie supergroup INXS. It was a time that was so exciting, so stressful and scary, with an uncertain future, no-one knowing what impact if any this show would have on our lives. This show was ROCKSTAR:INXS and it changed my life forever. It moved my family and me to the United States from London. It brought me a recording contract with Decca/Universal, I won a car, and eventually gave my wife and me a Green Card to become US Residents. It changed my whole outlook on life as well as my career and gave me perspective about things I was previously blind to. Some changes were great, some not so. It has been a rocky road full of highs and lows since that show. There were many things I wish I could have done better. There were many things I wish I could change. Situations I wish I had dealt with differently. Choices I regret. But all in all, it was the most magical experience of my career and one that I will always bookmark as a turning point in my life. I celebrate this ten year anniversary with my other ‘Rockers’ and with all those involved with the show, on and behind the cameras. I am very proud to be part of such a great show with high production values in every sense of the word. Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London. And I remember it vividly with much anxiety, recalling how for a while I was unaware of the fate of my family who I had left alone in London…the trauma of thinking that we had become victims of a gruesome evil act of terrorism. Yet ten years on, London remains resilient and stronger than ever. A testament of continued triumph over evil. New Yorkers feel this whenever they look towards the Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan. Ten years on, and we’re still standing. I miss all my brothers and sisters of RS:INXS. They have become family since then, forever tied by a magical time in my life. And for those beautiful people I have met because of that show, who supported me and cheered me on, I thank you for your continued support, which has carried me through the low times and onwards to bright times in this journey. Live baby, live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvP29sM36KA

4 July 2015   HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA: Happy 4th July to all my American friends!! Hope you have a fantastic holiday. Much has happened since my return from the THRILLER LIVE tour. I am settling into New York life, working on new music, new video projects and my photography. I am loving being creative and appreciating the time to be so. To finally unpack the bags has been wonderful but short lived, as I did a sneaky two week holiday with my family in Japan. AMAZING!! But despite that, and a weekend in Chicago for Marty and Daniella Casey’s wedding, I am staying put for a while. My heart is heavy with the passing of my beautiful friend, David McAlister who I toured with in ANNIE last year. He finally lost his battle against cancer. My prayers and thoughts are with him and his family, and I hope you can offer him a prayer in your thoughts too. He is sadly and deeply missed.

I’ll be joining Mike Clifford in the studio next week to sing some backing vocals for his new tracks, and I love this creative process. Check out the photos I took of him too. Look out for them soon through Mike Clifford. Loved how they all came out. Stay safe this weekend, enjoy the fireworks and BBQs. Always love, MiG x

June 2015

16 June 2015   THINKING OUT LOUD WITH J ROME: Check out the new J ROME video, singing Ed Sheeran’s THINKING OUT LOUD. It was recorded and shot in Baltimore, with his peeps, and for my money he totally KILLS it!! J ROME recently toured with THRILLER LIVE with me. He is an amazing vocalist and performer!! The video (created by me) ain’t too shabby either. Have a look at it here: https://youtu.be/9trVoXoZJrQ

May 2015

7 May 2015   LIKE ME INDIEGOGO: I performed several workshop versions of a show written by Garry Lake and Jon Smith called LIKE ME. This new piece is a beautifully crafted show about social media and the implications and complications it puts into our lives. They have just completed another workshop in London but they want to bring the workshop to New York. But like all projects, financial help is always needed. With this Indiegogo campaign, they are attempting to bring this show to New York, and hopefully I will still be involved with making it happen. I truly believe in the show and it really deserves a chance to come to full fruition. So if you have a few bucks lying around, or you know anyone who would like to be a part of making this show become a reality, please click on the link below this post. LIKE ME? LOVE THIS!! Many thanks to you all in anticipation for being a part of making this show come to life and be part of it’s reality. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/like-me-the-social-media-musical

Sitzprobe at the LIKE ME workshop in London, 2014

2 May 2015   THE PACMAN: So today is the great fight; a very big day for every Filipino. This is the day our warrior, Manny Pacquiao fights Floyd Mayweather. The Pacman carries the weight of a nation’s hope and dreams on his shoulders today, and there is no hiding who I am betting today. Manny is already our hero, and whatever happens today, he is still a winner in our eyes. But I wish him all the success today. Fingers crossed, but may the best man win, and no-one get seriously hurt! So proud of you Mr. Pacquiao!!

MiG and Manny Pacquiao share a moment backstage at the Bench Universe Show in Manila, 2012

1 May 2015   The FINAL episode of FIL IT UP airs in the Philippines this Saturday night at 9:45pm on GMA NEWS TV. It has been the most wonderful experience working on this show. Life-changing...and even almost life-ending at some point! But I must congratulate all the team, the Limitless crew, who started this idea from nothing and turned it into a very special show. I hope this is not the end of this road, as there is still so much to see and do in that amazing country. I must give a special shout-out to my very galmourous and extraordinary co-host, Sophie Sumner who threw herself head-first into the Filipino culture, not afraid of trying anything new and for being the most humble and down-to-earth a supermodel could be. I hope you have all enjoyed FIL IT UP, and I hope it gets a chance for the REST OF THE WORLD to see this too!

April 2015

17 April 2015   BACK IN THE USA!: So I’m back in the USA, but still glowing from my experiences with THRILLER LIVE. I’ve managed to get a hold of this video from our performance of CAN YOU FEEL IT at the Astra Awards in Sydney. So for a FRIDAY FLASHBACK, check this out!

9 April 2015   COZ I’M A WANDERER: I am officially an ambassador for the WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS FC! I was presented my own jersey by Ian Dickson at a presentation before a game at Parramatta. It is a great honour and I will wear the jersey proudly wherever I wander! #westernsydneywanderers #imawanderer #ilovemyjob

4 April 2015   FLASHBACK: So I've promised my folks that I will sort out my stuff from their attic. It's a massive job, and it has become an emotional rollercoaster ride as I uncover old treasures and forgotten memories. It's taking me forever as every box opened is another lifetime of memories. The photos are just priceless. So I may share a few of them with you. It's great to be home and it makes me realize how much life I have lived here before I even left for London in 2002. Feeling quite old and worn, but high on nostalgia...

MiG as 'Ritchie Valens' in BUDDY...Sydney, 1991

March 2015

30 March 2015   BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL: With the THRILLER LIVE tour done, it’s back to business…soon! I’m taking a few much needed weeks to recharge and spend time with family and friends in Sydney before heading back to New York. Just returned from a trip to the Gold Coast to see Peter Murphy (THRILLER LIVE/RENT/FAME/WE WILL ROCK YOU) get married to the beautiful Tiffany Sinclair. Makes me realize how beautiful life can be sometimes. Don’t forget to keep watching FIL IT UP in the Philippines, every Saturday night 9:45pm on GMA NEWS TV. x


26 March 2015   THAT WAS IT: So now we've come to the end of the road, it's time to say goodbye to our beautiful new Malaysian friends and our humble (?!) palatial home, the Palace of the Golden Horses. We also say goodbye to our THRILLER LIVE family as we jet about to different destinations around the world. It has been an amazing journey!! Thank you to all of my amazing touring family, and to all of you who came and supported us throughout the tour, we are so grateful. So on to new horizons, new adventures... Thank you Michael. Xxx

The Palace of the Golden Horses

23 March 2015   PRINCESS: Here we are, seconds before the opening of the show which was to be Prinnie Stevens’ last performance with THRILLER LIVE. She has been amazing throughout the whole tour, and it has been such an honour and joy to work with her again. Looking down the barrel of a gun, down the home stretch…

Wayne Robinson, Alex Buchanan, Prinnie Stevens, MiG Ayesa and J Rome, seconds before hitting the stage at the Putra Indoor Stadium

23 March 2015   THE HOME STRETCH: This week saw many ‘lasts’ at THRILLER LIVE. We said goodbye to Tyrone Lee, John Bettison and Prinnie Stevens had her last show last night. Trying to make the most of everything before we have to leave…Loving Malaysia!

Tony Azzopardi, MiG and John Bettison try to make the most of the last days of tour...

21 March 2015   BACK AT THE OFFICE: Another day in the office for us, 2 more stadium shows today in Kuala Lumpur before we have a day off tomorrow. Really looking forward to some ‘down time’ but am equally looking forward to rock the Putra Indoor Stadium’s very foundations!

Samantha Johnson, J Rome and Prinnie Stevens contemplate the strategy for the day’s shows

20 March 2015   MALAYSIA ROCKS: It's official. Malaysia LOVES to ROCK!! Or funk, or groove or PARRRRRTY!! Whatever way you describe it, the audiences have lapped up what we are offering. THRILLER LIVE is a celebration. And EVERYBODY is invited!!

The Putra Indoor Stadium

19 March 2015   PUTRA INDOOR STADIUM: Arenas! Stadiums! I love playing them. The bigger the better. More people, bigger sound, random dressing rooms…but hey! If this place is good enough for Maroon 5, it’s good enough for me! First show last night was amazing. Still buzzing from the response of the Malay audience. The love for MJ here is so strong, and the approval of the crowd makes me feel as we are doing this right. Great work team! So much done in just one day…Only 7 more shows to go…!!!

Samantha Johnson and MiG on stage at the Putra Indoor Stadium at sound check

18 March 2015   IT'S STADIUM DAY: So today we are about to hit the Putra Indoor Stadium, in preparation for our first performance tonight. Morale is high and so is the temperature! Couldn't resist a last minute pool photo shoot...

J Rome, Prinnie Stevens, Alex Buchanan, Samantha Johnson and MiG...practicing for THRILLER SUBMERGED

17 March 2015   KUALA LUMPUR: Our second day in Malaysia and things are heating UP!! The vibe is getting hectic and we are very excited to be here... Can't wait to get into the stadium tomorrow...but I can wait if it means I can hang around our pool for another day.

Samantha Johnson, Alex Buchanan and MiG on the set of BELLA on TV7

15 March 2015   LAST SHOWS IN SYDNEY!: So looks like we’ve come to the end of our Australian leg of the tour, and what a journey it has been! THANK YOU to all those who came to support us all over this incredible country. It has been such a joy to be here, back home, and it's with a heavy heart that we must now say goodbye…for NOW only. We will miss this beautiful sunburnt country and its warm amazing people. Sydney, you are just showing off how spectacular you are!! Malaysia…LOOK OUT! XXX

Goodbye Sydney…xxx

12 March 2015   THE ASTRA AWARDS: So we got to open the 2015 Astra Awards with CAN YOU FEEL IT. Suspended 40 feet above the stage in a box, which swung whenever I moved was an experience not to forget. Big night! I'm just. MiG IN A BOX.

MiG, Wayne Robinson and J Rome, minutes before hitting THE ASTRA AWARDS 2015

11 March 2015   LAST WEEK IN SYDNEY: Do not miss out Sydney! Only 6 performances of THRILLER LIVE left in Sydney! We'll be performing at the Astra Awards tonight so you might get a taste of what the show is like, but make no mistake: the best way to celebrate the music and life of Michael Jackson is to come and see THRILLER LIVE! Do it! Just do it!!

5 March 2015   HOME: I can't believe how beautiful Sydney is. It just keeps getting more awesome. I definitely want to come back and live here some day after my wander lust subsides. But to know this is waiting for me at the end of my journey, I'm gonna be alright. Xxx

2 March 2015   OPEN FOR BUSINESS: We had a very successful opening weekend. Great audiences, great performances and even my parents came and were ‘thrilled’! It’s great to be home.

My parents and I get one of Ricky Matepi’s ‘MAGICAL MiGSTERY BACKSTAGE TOURS’!

February 2015

27 February 2015   IT’S CLOSE TO MiG-NIGHT...: Nothing can compare to the roaring support of a home crowd, and last night I was so touched and we were so blessed by the way Sydney embraced us with open hearts, open lungs and we almost tore the roof of the Lyric Theatre down! We could not have asked for a better opening night, and I am so proud of my company for showing what they are truly made of! So here we are Sydney…SHAMON!!!

The THRILLER LIVE Company get ready to walk the red carpet at last night’s opening at the Lyric Theatre, Sydney

26 February 2015   OPENING NIGHT - SYDNEY!: So here we are at the last stop of our Australian Tour. Opening night at the Lyric Theatre, at The Star. It’s finally us taking this bad boy all the way home…well, home for a few of us anyway (Prinnie Stevens, Tom Remaili, Jessica Powell Antonini, Fely Irvine, John Maher and most of the THRILLER LIVE BAND and myself!). I am so proud that it is with this show I am coming back to perform in my home town. I am ‘thrilled’ to have so many family and friends coming to the show…I am so grateful for the love and support. Here we go Sydney…THIS IS IT! X

Tom Remaili (a Sydney native) gets ready for opening night…

26 February 2015   SYDNEY: Home! First show tonight. Sydney. So. Excited!!!!!

22 February 2015   BYE BYE NEW ZEALAND!: It's been an incredible 2 weeks in this beautiful country. I wish I could have seen more, spend more time with friends, jumped off more structures, met more Hobbits, but alas our time was short but oh so precious. An added bonus was to see the enigmatic legendary Annie Crummer... Her magic never fades. Thank you Auckland and all you Kiwis. I truly love you!! Xxx

Prinnie Stevens, Victor Rounds, Annie Crummer and MiG have a RENT reunion

And John Maher completes the party!

21 February 2015   HI JACKSON 5: Today we welcome Fely Irvine (ex Hi-5) to our THRILLER LIVE company. She popped her MJ cherry today and she was amazing!! We are getting stronger with her joining us. But our last day in Auckland...boo hoo!!! Love New Zealand!! Love this theatre! Love this city... Love my job! Xx

Fely Irvine and MiG backstage at the Civic Theatre, Auckland

16 February 2015   HOBBITON OR DIE!!: Ok, so I'm a geek, but I share my condition with my fellow travelers, J ROME and SEAN CHRISTOPHER. We visited the HOBBITON movie set in Matamata, where they shot the Hobbit Village scenes for THE LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT films. The attention to detail everywhere was mind blowing...had to soothe our excitement by then dunking ourselves into the warm spa waters of Rotorua. Then to wake up for our trip back to Auckland, we bungy jumped off Taupo Bridge. Not a bad way to spend a weekend in NZ. Geeks and thrill seekers 'r' us!!

11 February 2015   KIA ORA: First performance of THRILLER LIVE in Auckland, but I feel like I've been here before. DUH!! Back at the glorious Civic Theatre in less than a year, but it's a world away from ANNIE! No dogs, no children, but we do have curly wigs... Just a different colour. Wanna be startin' something?

11 February 2015   GOOD MORNING: I feel so blessed getting to sing with the amazing Prinnie Stevens on GOOD MORNING on TVNZ this morning. I just can't stop loving you... Too true! Xx

11 February 2015   PROMO DAY: Today was a very, very busy long day of promotion business all over Auckland. Starting with a 7am pick up for an early morning performance on Breakfast TV, on TVNZ, to radio, to appearances, to TV spots…and it continues tomorrow! Again another 7am start. So I’m off to bed. Shagged, but satisfied with a great day, working with amazing people, exploring this incredible city of Auckland with my bruthas… #ireallydolovemyjob

Wayne Robinson, Samantha Johnson, J Rome, “BK”, Alex Buchanan and MiG at an early morning radio broadcast

10 February 2015   KIA ORA!!: New Zealand!! Here we are, ready to rumble. I’m back in this beautiful country again for the 3rd time in one year!! This time I’ve got my MJ crew with me, and I can’t wait to show you our Michael Jackson moves…CHOICE AS, BRO!

J Rome, Sean Christopher & MiG explore the wonderful city of Auckland

8 February 2015   FAREWELL MELBOURNE: It’s been amazing here in Melbourne!! I love this city with a passion. It’s one of my favourite cities in the world, and we have been embraced here. The Arts Centre has been an incredible venue. It is sad to leave. But we are heading to beautiful New Zealand tomorrow, which is a very beautiful thought. Look out Auckland!!

7 February 2015   ARTS CENTRE: I know now why it's called the Arts Centre. Backstage at the arts centre is such an amazing mix of people from all genres and eras, legends and divas....I walked passed Suzie Quattro the other night, after glimpsing the back of Billy Connelly while chatting with Marina Prior. And last night I bump into an old friend - the ever youthful and impossibly unstoppable Rhonda Burchmore. Today is our last show day in Melbourne. I am sad to leave... X

MiG with Rhonda Burchmore

6 February 2015   FILLING IT UP!: So I guess you can call this double dipping, but while I'm hee-heeing the Dirty Dianas and Beating It in Melbourne, I'm having my 'FIL' on Filipino TV with FIL IT UP! This week I go to Boracay and Sophie explores Manila. Hope you can watch it, and also I hope it will be available for the rest of the world to view soon. I guess sometimes it really is more fun in the Philippines!!!

4 February 2015   BETTO THE DEVIL YOU KNOW: This weekend we said goodbye to our incredible guitarist John Bettison. I’ve known and played with John for years and it was such a joy to be rocking out with him once again with THRILLER LIVE. We will miss him, but we are so thrilled that Rex Goh will be taking his place. I’ve known Rex for even LONGER than John, and he is equally as awesome. We are in good hands. The THRILLER LIVE BAND totally rock with us all night!!!

MiG & John Bettison

January 2015

30 January 2015   DANCING WITH A STAR: David Rodan along with his partner Melanie Hooper are the current DANCING WITH THE STARS champions of Australia. Arguably the best moonwalker the AFL has ever produced, David joined us today for a little exhibition presentation in front of the Arts Centre today. Joining in with Sean Christopher for ‘Billie Jean’, and the THRILLER LIVE dancers for ‘Beat It’, David proved why he is a champion in every way. He and his beautiful family show the way of how to be role models for us all. And he is an AWESOME moonwalker!!!

(Clockwise from top left) David Olaniyi, Sean Christopher, David Rodan, MiG, Joe Drum, Rose Wild and Cassie Rogers strike a pose in front of the State Theatre at the Melbourne Arts Centre

29 January 2015   OPENING NIGHT: Wanna be startin' something in Melbourne? Well here we go! CHOOKAS everyone!! #thisisit

28 January 2015   ON WITH THE SHOW THIS IS IT!: First performance in Melbourne NOW! Just about to go on stage. But have to share this pic with you from this morning!! #thrillerlive #redsymons #redfaces #heyheyitsmj

Red Symons and MiG at ABC Radio studios Melbourne! Legend!

27 January 2015   MELBOURNE OR BUST: We have arrived in Melbourne as it has the coldest Australia Day in 17 years! Such a huge temperature difference from Brisbane! But this city is one of the greatest cities on earth and I am so excited to enjoy all this city has to offer. After an obligatory dinner at Caffe E Cucina on the über stylish Chapel Street, I’ve been able to just jog and walk around, taking in the sights. But today, we are back to work, bumping in and getting ready for our first show at the Arts Centre tonight. I hope Melbourne embrace us as much as Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth!

The THRILLER LIVE male singers pose with legendary 'Jackson Five' guitarist, Louie Shelton (3rd from left) and MD John Maher before our final show in Brisbane

25 January 2015   BYE BYE BRISBANE: Right in the middle of our last show here in Brisbane. Great crowd!! I truly am finding it hard to let go of this amazing city!!! Only consolation is that we have Melbourne to look forward to. CHOOKAS to THE LION KING cast who are also doing their last Brisbane show in the hall right next to us. The best neighbours EVER!!! Thank you Brisbane. It's been nothing short of bloody amazing!! Xxx

24 January 2015   SATURDAY NIGHT THRILLER LIVE: Our last weekend in Brisbane. The home stretch. Loving this city! Wish I could stay longer, but Melbourne awaits!! Let’s rock this baby all night, dance it into day!! Sometimes, I have to pinch myself that I am amongst such an incredible group of performers. Living in the ‘NOW’, I am just loving my wonderful cast-mates. #ilovemyjob #blessed

MiG, Wayne Robinson, Peter Murphy and J Rome ready for the last Saturday night show. It’s THRILLER night.

21 January 2015   QPAC MAN: We are well into the Brisbane run for THRILLER LIVE and it’s been AMAZING here!! I am so in love with Brisbane. It is such a wonderfully rich city, with so much to do and see. The jogging tracks by the river and the botanical gardens have been nothing short of spectacular, but I have been so busy with post-production for FIL IT UP, that I feel like I am doing nothing but work these days. I’m trying to get it all done as quickly as possible, but am taking all the care to make it look great. So far, it’s all looking and sounding awesome! I’m so excited for its airing on GMA NEWS TV on 31 January.

MiG on the Concert Hall stage at QPAC

18 January 2015   THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: Here’s a big shout out to all those who have ever played ROCK OF AGES, as the show will be playing Broadway for the last time today at the Helen Hayes Theatre. It has been a huge part of my life and has been one of the brightest moments of my career and my life. I thank all of you with whom I shared the stage, worked with, toured with, rocked with, and melted faces with from when we first started in Chicago in September 2010, to Los Angeles, to Broadway to even Manila. It has been such an honour and a pleasure to be so irreverent and kick-ass!!! I love you all and congratulate all of you!!! CHOOKAS!! And it don’t get better than this…

17 January 2015   BRISVEGAS: They call Brisbane ‘Brisvegas’, because it’s bright and brassy, and unashamedly built for a good time. But what happens in Brisvegas, gets on the TEN EYEWITNESS NEWS! Fun to be a part of the WHIP PROJECT for Brisbane. Leon is a hoot!

Sean Christopher, Prinnie Stevens, Leon and MiG get ‘WHIPPED’!

16 January 2015   HAKUNAMATATA MAMA KOO SAH: The day the LION KING met THE KING OF POP. We were so blessed last night to have practically the entire LION KING company come to the show to give us support and to rock with us all night! They are such a wonderful group of amazing artists from all over the world! It was such a wonderful show to have them in the audience. HAKUNA MATATA indeed!!! Can’t wait to see them in full flight some time next week!!

15 January 2015   BRISBANE: So today we open with our official opening night at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). I have not performed here since FAME in 2000. The sun is shining, it’s hot and tropical and we are ready to rumble. Very excited to be in this beautiful city. Queensland…beautiful one day, perfect the next!

MiG and friends become MEN AND WOMEN IN THE MIRROR in his dressing room in Adelaide after the last show at the Festival Centre

11 January 2015   JE SUIS CHARLIE: Today we leave Adelaide for Brisbane, as we continue this THRILLER LIVE Tour. But I am stunned by the atrocities of those sick demented people who killed all those in France last week. I hope the world unites to show how senseless and Godless these attacks are. Even the Muslim community has denounced these barbarians. I pray for the victims and their families...Peace. Please. JE SUIS CHARLIE. Oh...and happy birthday to me too... :-) xxx

10 January 2015   THANK YOU ADELAIDE: Dear Adelaide, Thank you for being so awesome. We will miss you!! It has been such a joy to work at your Festival Centre, and to play on your many beaches, eat at your beautiful restaurants and drink wine from your amazing vineyards…Funny how time flies when you’re having fun!! You have been nothing short of spectacular.xxxx

8 January 2015   THE BAND: Every night, we are spoiled rotten by the calibre and awesomeness of the THRILLER LIVE BAND. This group of top Aussie musos provide the soundtrack to our show, and are the driving force of what we do on stage. Despite them being behind the set, they are very much in the forefront of the show and we are so blessed to have them. They put the ‘LIVE’ in ‘THRILLER LIVE’ and they never fail to ‘THRILL’!

Tony Azzopardi (Percussion), John Bettison (Guitar 1…behind a music stand!), Mike Pensini (Keyboards) Darryn Farrugia (Drums), John Maher (Musical Director) and Victor Rounds (Bass)

5 January 2015   AN EPIPHANY: It's well into January and we're back to full business. THRILLER LIVE is getting such a great response in Adelaide, that I'm having a glorious day off at Henley and Glenelg Beaches, confident that we are doing well and kicking goals. But today the office is closed. Tell me why I don't like Mondays...?

More pics from opening night: Prinnie Stevens and Alex Buchanan enjoy the company of some colourful MJ fans
Photo: Kelly Carpenter

2 January 2015   HOT IN THE CITY: Wowee! Adelaide was officially the hottest city in Australia yesterday. And I'm waking up to the smell of burning eucalyptus. The fires that have ignited due to the extreme heat are still burning and are visible from the CBD. While people head to the beaches to cool off, I hope everyone in Australia who are in the firing line of fires stay safe!

Seeing the fires burn from the Adelaide Festival Centre yesterday

2 January 2015   2015: So with all the festivities out of the way to usher in the new year, it’s back to business. And today we are on FIRE! LITERALLY! It hit 44ºC (111ºF) in Adelaide today! Thank goodness for the air-conditioning at the Festival Theatre, but fires are raging in the bush surrounding the city. I hope they can control the flames. It’s supposed to be a scorcher tomorrow as well…We’re melting, like hot candle wax…

The THRILLER LIVE Company celebrate the New Year!

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