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With this sophomore release, MiG presents this eclectic mix of original rock/pop tracks recorded in Sydney, London and New York. From high octane rock anthems such as NOTHIN’ YOU DO and TO WHOM IT MUST CONCERN, to the hauntingly introspective I DO and HOME IN ME; from classic-rock inspired tracks like SUMMER FEELING and ON MY WAY to infectious pop tracks such as HIGH, I NEED YOU HERE and YOU BRING ME BACK, there is something here for everyone. This long awaited album has been a labour of love; a collaboration with friends that has become realization of a dream, and now, MORE THAN EVER, is just the beginning of a new road ahead.

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MiG Official T-Shirt

MiG Official T-shirt (1st Edition)

MiG Official T-shirt (1st Edition)

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The 'got MiG?' shirt available for purchase now. Supplies are limited. 

Designed by MiG & manufactured by Achromik Clothing.

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